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Physicians Neck and Back Clinics in Sartell, MN

If you’re caught in a cycle of recurring pain, endless appointments, and ineffective treatments, we offer an opportunity for you to relieve your pain – and take control of your life. Our unique approach to chronic pain is nationally recognized, non-surgical, and it has one goal: to return you to normal activities as quickly as possible.

Our Patients

Founded in 1990, Physicians Neck and Back Clinics has treated over 120,000 patients. Hear from some of our patients about their personal journey in getting their life back.

Ben hurt his back on a business trip over 20 years ago. After trying every possible treatment from medication to surgeries, he came to Physicians Neck and Back Clinics and is now back doing the things he loves to do. See how Ben was able to resume activities of his life.



To provide lasting relief from chronic neck and back pain, the spinal structures and supporting tissue must be actively reconditioned through isolated strengthening exercise. Our goal is to restore the spinal function, activity level, and personal independence of our patients through the most scientifically based treatment available. We succeed to the extent that our patients experience positive, long-term treatment outcomes, with minimal need for recurrent medical care.
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