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PNBC Research & Information dataBACK®

Physicians Neck & Back Clinics (PNBC)’s research capabilities are driven by our proprietary dataBACK® Outcomes Reporting System. At a development cost of several hundred thousand dollars, dataBACK® is a computerized data collection system that electronically tracks and quantifies each patient’s long-term clinical success. Patient data is then compiled and sent in the form of electronic reports to referring physicians, documenting PNBC’s treatment effectiveness on each physicians’ referred patients. Additionally, dataBACK® can provide aggregate patient data (protecting each patients anonymity) to third party payors, documenting the effect of PNBC’s treatment on the payors’ insured population. Elements of dataBACK® collection and reporting include:

  • Area of the body undergoing treatment
  • Program status
  • PNBC treating physician
  • Diagnosis
  • Effect of treatment on chief complaint
  • Pre/post treatment Oswestry scores (measurement of disability)
  • Improvements in spinal strength
  • Overall patient satisfaction with PNBC medical care

As a unique tool unlike any other found in a specialty medical practice, dataBACK® signifies PNBC’s belief of and commitment to the need for health care providers to document the ongoing effectiveness of their spinal treatment.