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A randomized clinical trial of exercise and spinal manipulation for chronic neck pain

PNBC Research & Information

Key PNBC Research Findings

G Bronfort, DC, PhD, Roni Evans, DC, BW Nelson, MD, PD Aker, DC, MSc, CH Goldsmith, PhD, H Vernon, DC. Spine 26(7):788-799, 2001.

Key Findings

  • Chronic neck pain patients were randomized to three groups, one receiving chiropractic only, one chiropractic plus aggressive exercise, and one aggressive exercise only (PNBC). Of the six outcome measures, the PNBC patients were rated best in four, tied for best in one, and second in another (patient satisfaction).

  • Chiropractic alone finished last in all outcome categories. The study shows that adding passive modalities to aggressive exercise contributes nothing to the outcome but does add a layer of cost.