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Media Recognition

PNBC is unique in Minnesota for the extensive media recognition it has received for its approach to spinal pain.

Fox 9 News- 6/21/11: Mike Hogan, Physical Therapist talks with Fox News Anchor Jeff Passolt about taking care of your back. "Physical Therapist talks back pain help."

Associated Press/USA Today - 6/09/10: "Overtreated: Time May Be Best Treatment For Back Pain.

Kare Channel 11 - 6/24/08: Brian Nelson, MD on KARE 11, 'Neck Pain' Showcase Minnesota.

The Wall Street Journal - March 2005; "Health Mailbox : Where does one find a physician who recommends therapy and exercise instead of back surgery?"

Health Magazine - March 2004: "A New Twist For Aching Backs."

WCCO Channel 4 - December 4, 2003: Joe Wegner and patient featured on Dennis Douda's Health Spot, on WCCO Channel 4.

WebMD - Brian Nelson consulted as an expert in the writing of "Low Back Pain Shouldn't Sideline You".

The Wall Street Journal - November 12, 2003: "An Excruciating New Cure for Back Pain, Doctors Tell Patients to Hit the Weights".

The New Yorker Magazine - April 8, 2002: "A Knife in the Back", Annals of Medicine, The New Yorker.

Kare Channel 11 - 5/27/08: Joe Wegner, MD on KARE 11, 'Low Back Pain' Showcase Minnesota.