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Introductions to PNBC

If you can answer "yes" to any one of these questions, you may be a candidate for the PNBC program:

  1. Have you had neck or back symptoms for more than 6-8 weeks?
  2. Are you having any extremity pain (arms/hands, legs/feet)?
  3. Have you had similar symptoms to this in the past?

Here are the basic steps of the PNBC rehabilitation program:

On your first visit, you'll meet with a board-certified PNBC physician, who will conduct a physical exam, review your history, and if necessary, administer a spinal strength test. If you’re recommended for our program, we’ll create a unique rehab program just for you – typically twice a week for six to twelve weeks. You’ll receive direct, hands-on supervision by one of our rehabilitation specialists – who’ll train you, coach you, and monitor your progress.