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Insurance Providers - Our Health Care Philosophy

Insurance Providers"Costs for spine care represent the coming storm in healthcare"

Embedded in the Physicians Neck & Back Clinics (PNBC) health care philosophy is a commitment to only delivering care that has been validated through scientific research to provide long term benefit from chronic spinal disorders. Many spine treatment programs are passive in nature (requiring little or no participation/physical effort from the patient), and offer only temporary pain relief. Additionally, many spinal patients undergo expensive and/or unnecessary diagnostic procedures that offer no value in improving the quality of patient care. PNBC believes this approach to chronic spinal disorders only serves to create medical dependency, while burdening the overall health care system with ongoing and unnecessary costs.

A critical aspect that differentiates PNBC from other spine care treatments is our refusal to treat chronic neck and back pain patients with passive treatment, and our limited reliance upon diagnostic procedures. Our protocols emphasize isolated, aggressive muscle strengthening therapy. Lasting relief comes from significant improvements in spinal fitness. The longer a patient has experienced chronic pain, the greater their strength and functional deficits. As pain increases, a patient instinctively protects the area by discontinuing activities. Inactivity initiates a deconditioning syndrome that negatively impacts symptoms and weakens the body. Passive treatment does not restore function, and although it may be of help for acute pain and temporary set backs, it does not offer cost-effective, lasting outcomes for chronic pain.

Our treatment goal is to help our patients restore optimal and lasting physical function, thereby eliminating the need for ongoing medical treatment. We are successful to the extent by which our patients leave our care with the ability to manage their spinal conditions on their own, independent of the health care system.