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Healthcare Professionals

Physicians Neck & Back Clinics (PNBC) is dedicating this portion of the site to healthcare professionals who treat chronic spinal pain. Here we provide an overview of our philosophy and services.

Most patients with back or neck pain can be handled effectively at the primary care level without the need for expensive tests or treatment. Unfortunately, the 10-15% of patients who become chronic account for about 85% of the total dollars spent on spinal care. For these patients PNBC recommends an evaluation to determine if aggressive exercise can be of benefit. A referral to PNBC is most cost effective when done prior to expensive diagnostic testing or surgical intervention. Many patients, after the proper exercise, will be able to avoid the more expensive pathways resulting in significant savings.

PNBC was founded in 1990 and has treated over 120,000 patients. It is staffed by physicians and therapists specializing in the evaluation and treatment of chronic spinal pain.

PNBC personnel have published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals relating to our exercise approach to pain. We have been featured in such national publications at The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Health Magazine, and WebMD. Locally we have been profiled in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and on WCCO radio and TV.