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About Us (Our History)

Physicians Neck & Back Clinics - SartellPhysicians Neck & Back Clinics (PNBC) is a medical facility located in Sartell, MN. Our physicians are board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation which is the branch of medicine specializing in helping patients who have become limited because of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

We specialize in the treatment of chronic neck and/or back pain that may often be accompanied by arm or leg pain respectively.

Founded in 1990, PNBC has treated over 120,000 patients and is different from most other facilities that treat chronic spinal pain. PNBC concentrates on improving strength and flexibility and endurance and does not offer passive modalities such as manipulation, ultrasound, TENS, injection therapy, acupuncture, etc. While these passive modalities will often provide temporary relief, PNBC believes, along with many of the world's foremost authorities on spinal disease, that lasting improvement comes from improvements in spinal fitness--our program reflects that belief. Furthermore, our published outcome studies support the effectiveness of this "sports medicine" approach and our physicians and physical therapists, who provide the comprehensive and consistent medical care to each patient, guide this approach to obtain the best possible long term improvement of chronic disorders of the spine.

There are other facilities that have tried to copy the PNBC treatment model.  You may have seen them on the web.  Notice that those facilities often highlight published studies showing that surgery can be prevented or that superb outcomes have been obtained.  What they fail to tell you is that those studies were performed and published by PNBC. Getting a scientific article published in a peer reviewed medical journal is a difficult undertaking representing hundreds of hours of work and data collection. PNBC has taken the time to prove the superiority of its approach by publishing its outcomes and we invite all other facilities to do the same instead of implying that our outcomes are their own.  We have developed the protocols and proven their efficacy with over 100,000 patients.  No other facility comes close to this amount of experience.